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Founded in 1981, guided by the belief that "knowledge is power" and recognizing the desire of independent minds to rely on self rather than institution, MoneyShow has been empowering individuals with a passion for investing for over three decades. The company pioneered the investment tradeshow field in the early 80s, creating the concept of a "MoneyShow" and developing a business model which gathers qualified investors, traders, and financial advisors together with top financial experts, business, and media professionals, offering all participants unparalleled opportunities for profitable interactivity, idea exchange, relationship-building, and learning.

In 2005, MoneyShow launched MoneyShow.com, providing live and on-demand access to presentations featuring advice, strategies, recommendations, and education for individual investors, active traders, and financial advisors. A leader in both size and scope of investor & trader educational programs MoneyShow has aggressively developed MoneyShow.com, with a variety of platforms and products including original and distributed online commentary, e-letters, special reports, livesteam and video interviews - allowing MS to create a significant portal of articles and video content from more than 2,000 hours of expert video content annually. In addition, the site's Exhibitor Central platform gives advertisers round-the-clock access to databases for downloadable lead retrieval and show fulfillment purposes.

MoneyShow is proud of its track record over almost three decades…serving the needs of thousands upon thousands of individual investors, traders, and financial advisors together with business and media professionals and expert speakers in the investment arena.



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1981Conferences Started, Investment Seminars, Inc.
1988Transitioned into The MoneyShow Format with Exhibit Hall & Free Attendance
1990Exceeded $1,000,000 in Sales
1995Inaugural Sailing of Seminars-at-Sea
2002Created & Purchased The TradersEXPO
2005Produced First Global Event in London & MoneyShow.com Began Publishing Digital Newsletters
2009Purchased Canadian Events
2010Virtual Events Unveiled
2013Launched Paid Memberships
2014Launched MoneyShow University


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