MoneyShow Virtual Expo (Canada)

MoneyShow's Canadian Virtual Event will feature in-depth LIVE presentations from Canada's leading economists, investment strategists, and financial experts who will discuss the key drivers of today’s markets, as well as the top investment themes and trading trends Canadians need to be paying close attention to now. 

  • Dates: Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2020 & Nov. 4-6, 2020
  • Attendance: 3,000+ Canadian Investors & Traders
  • Venue: Virtual Event

Whether your marketing goal is lead generation, brand awareness, raising capital, or education, MoneyShow's Virtual Event provides you with a one-stop solution to grow your business remotely. Through advanced data-collection technology, information about every attendee is captured in real-time. 

  • LIVE PRESENTATIONS: Showcase your company and the benefits through a live 30-minute webinar. 
  • VIRTUAL BOOTH: Generate leads from investors or traders who visit your virtual booth or watch your webinar. 
  • HOST 1:1 MEETINGS: Interact with attendees via LIVE chats and 1:1 zoom meetings in your booth.
  • 100% TURNKEY: It takes less than 30-minutes to submit your collateral, and we'll build your virtual booth for you.


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