Using Investor Networks to Raise Capital

For many businesses, it is not just enough to have a profitable business. You also need to find ways to raise capital and explore entrepreneurial finance. Traditional methods of capital raising for venture creation/development include going to a bank for a loan, contacting investment bankers, and even turning to Wall Street. These can be very expensive ways of raising capital for your business, which is one main reason that businesses are turned off by the thought of it. However, most business owners do not realize that they have other options available to them to balance out their venture capital term sheet. 

Using Investor Networks to Raise Capital

The main way of capital raising that business owners overlook is using investor networks with accredited investors. You can use these networks in many different ways including venture philanthropy, fund raising, conferences, and even trade shows. There are many benefits to utilizing private placements. These are just a few that your business can enjoy from these types of financial services:

  • The ability to remain private. When you choose this kind of service for your venture investing, you can keep your company private since you are not converting it to public to create stock options. 
  • Save money. With other methods of raising capital, you will end up spending a lot of money to get the funding you need. This is a much less expensive option.
  • Save time. You will also have to spend a lot of time converting your company for some of these traditional options or trying to prove that you are worthy of the loan. With a service like that provided by MoneyShow, you won't have to worry about wasted time. 

Using Events and Community Networks for Raising Capital

When you opt for the use of investor networks for your capital raising, you also need to create opportunities for connection with these groups. The best way to do that is through various events. MoneyShow is a company that works with a number of advertisers to raise capital and equity in their respective businesses. They do this through events, such as conferences, where they can connect with the networks, trade shows to showcase what they bring to the table, and even fund raisers. When compared to other options, this is a cost effective method that works for many businesses and should be considered for yours as well.