Top 8 Reasons Exhibitors Exhibit at Tradeshows

Top 8 Reasons Exhibitors Exhibit at Tradeshows*

8. See many buyers at one time (52%) At The MoneyShow Las Vegas, connect with thousands of investors over three days under one roof. These attendees are looking for the latest investing resources, products, services, and education across topics including: Stocks, ETFs, options, funds, alts, and much more.

7. Support the industry (52%) The who's who in the financial industry will be at The MoneyShow at Caesars Palace this May. The event is supported by top financial media including: Barron's, MONEY magazine, Investor's Business Daily, FOX Business Network, MarketWatch, Bottom Line Personal, Forbes, and many others.

6. Because our competition is there (54%) Many of your peers, colleagues, and yes, your competition, have already secured their spaces at The MoneyShow Las Vegas. As investors browse the Exhibit Hall, make sure you're there to be top of mind. View the exhibitor list here.

5. Network with colleagues and/or vendors (58%) Part of what creates successful companies is keeping up with industry trends and learning what works–and what doesn't. At The MoneyShow, schmooze with like-minded professionals to gauge whether your company is headed in the right direction.

4. See current clients (65%) We hear a lot about client acquisition, but client retention is just as important. Invite your current clients or shareholders to meet with you at The MoneyShow. This will show them you care about their satisfaction and genuinely want their feedback on how you can better serve them.

3. Build industry relationships or partnerships (70%) Two heads are better than one, or so the saying goes. Seven in 10 of your peers apparently agree. The MoneyShow is an effective venue to forge valuable alliances.

2. Generate leads from new buyers and prospects (72%) Lead-generation is a huge part of most business strategies. MoneyShow is the largest distributor of highly-qualified leads in the financial industry.

And the number one reason exhibitors exhibit at tradeshows is...

1. Raise awareness of company and brand (72%) There is no better setting to precisely convey your message than faceto-face and one-on-one. Showcase who you are, what you offer, and why investors should care. Exhibiting at The MoneyShow Las Vegas will provide you unequaled access to genuinely interested HNW investors.

More about MoneyShow For complete details on The MoneyShow Las Vegas or to inquire about participation options, please contact our sales team, and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

*Results from Skyline and EXPO magazine survey of 200 exhibitors and 300 attendees.