Marketing: Face-to-Face vs. Online

Online marketing sure is sexy. The temptation of reaching all those potential customers around the world without the need to leave your bedroom has inspired many companies to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on digital marketing. The business world is just becoming attuned to the fact that nothing works in excess, including digital marketing; the only way to properly access leads is through a hybrid strategy. Face-to-face marketing should never lose its hold as the most important aspect of your campaign.

Finance companies pay the most per lead of any major industry, with a per lead range of $51-$100. While online marketing might be fine for low interest, low margin products, this is simply not the nature of the financial industry. In order to begin an intimate financial relationship with a new client, they must learn to trust you face to face. No prospect in the market for a new financial partner will be impressed by blinking text and an explainer video.

Your message also faces the prospect of getting lost in the shuffle in the online space. Without face-to-face contact, your best online production efforts are just one of many that a prospective client will see in the next five minutes. You have no data as to how that prospect responded, what he liked or disliked, or if that person was even qualified for your services.

There is a reason that even the best B2B website only produces two strong leads from every 100 prospects. Is this enough for your business to thrive?

If you are looking to succeed in the highly competitive, personalized industry of finance, you need to engage your prospects through conferences and trade shows. The face-to-face contact you make here leaves an impression that no prospect can easily forget. Instead of trying to impress your potential customer with flashy production, you are getting to the nuts and bolts of how you will help them succeed financially.

If you wish, you can bring the digital aspects of your marketing campaign to the conference and showcase them before your personalized presentation. Your digital content is then consumed in context, and you can respond to the real-time feedback of your prospect as you talk.

Leaders in the financial services industry create connections with new clients through MoneyShow. We are experts in connecting you to your prospects in a face-to-face environment that lets the best aspects of your marketing campaign shine through. Create the real connections that lead to long-lasting business relationships in the one way that it can be done - face to face.