4 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be At TradersEXPO New York 2020

Still on the fence about exhibiting or sponsoring TradersEXPO New York? Today we're sharing a few things that might change your mind. If you want to sell your product or service to active traders, TradersEXPO New York is the perfect place to be and here's why...

1. A Marketplace For Decision-Makers

Bypass the top/middle of your lead funnel by instantly meeting prospects who are interested and ready to buy your products and services. TradersEXPO attracts thousands of buyers and influencers actively looking for the best trading products and services. Conference attendees represent $5.56 billion in investable assets and have consciously set time aside to attend, learn, meet and do business.

2. Brand Awareness, Leads, & ROI

After attending The TradersEXPO, 98% of attendees said that the event is likely to influence the types of trades and/or trading tools they will use in the future. As an exhibitor or sponsor, you will benefit from multiple opportunities to increase brand visibility, network and generate leads. All under one roof and in only two days - saving you both time and money on your investment.

3. Tell Your Story

Consumers these days have to cut through a lot of clutter from competing businesses vying for their attention. Do your prospective customers really know who you are, understand the history of your company and why your products/services are the best in the industry? Have they seen all of your new products? One-on-one conversations with our attendees are the best way to educate potential customers on why you’re the best choice for them.

4. Develop Trust & Credibility

People buy from companies and brands they trust, and in today’s marketplace, that trust is more important than ever. It’s nearly impossible to build it through an e-mail or from a website—and many attendees have said that their purchasing decisions have been shaped by positive and meaningful interactions they’ve had in our Exhibit Hall. Whether at your booth or a networking event, TradersEXPO is your chance to make an impression.

With advertising packages starting as low as $5,000 that get you in front of this target audience of traders, it's a marketing opportunity you can't afford to miss! If you’re not there to create some buzz within the active trader community, you can be sure your competition will be.