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MoneyShow.com’s over 325,000 affluent, educated, and engaged members represent a select cross section of the global investment community, who are seeking guidance from elite experts and companies on the cutting-edge of the newest and best products and services to help them achieve superior market returns.



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A Leading Online Destination Powered by World-Class Experts

MoneyShow.com is a unique online destination for investors and traders to gain essential knowledge about Wall Street and the markets. With 500+ contributors, MoneyShow.com features some of the most respected names in the industry discussing the hottest topics of interest to investors and traders today.

MoneyShow.com gives the viewer access to expert education and advice on a day-by-day, minute-to-minute basis providing even more immediate awareness and the capability of interaction 24/7. We offer the largest immersive and interactive online virtual learning community, free and paid, for investors and traders each year. Our network provides thousands of articles, videos, and courses, with content that continues to grow exponentially as new MoneyMasters join our network.

MoneyShow.com’s ability to attract large numbers of highly qualified investors and traders also helps advertisers reach their goals, whether they include opening new accounts, generating leads for subscriptions and trial offers, or building overall brand awareness with multi-channel creative strategies.



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Unmatched Commentary from Leading Financial Experts

The daily investment articles featured on MoneyShow.com are real time buy recommendations that are "digested" from the paid financial newsletter community, a group of several hundred investment experts who publish subscriber-based financial advisory services. Offering independent and unbiased investment research, financial newsletters play a unique role within the financial advisory space. MoneyShow, via both its website and its investor conferences, is the leading platform for the newsletter community.

MyMoneyShow Dashboard

We are excited to launch a new dashboard for MoneyShow.com members which brings together all the best content in one central location. This all-new portal is where MoneyShow.com members can personalize their experience by collecting content from the experts they follow, get article and video recommendations based on their interests, and watch MoneyMasters courses or videos they purchased—all in one convenient location.

Investing and Trading Newsletters

Expert industry forecasts, specific stock recommendations, proven trading strategies, insights regarding the latest and most significant market trends, even retirement planning and practice management are all available through MoneyShow’s free investing and trading newsletters. With more than 150K subscribers, sponsorship of MoneyShow.com’s newsletters is a great way to align brand messaging with the latest headlines in key verticals delivered directly to the inboxes of wealth and influential decision makers.

In-Depth Content Library

MoneyShow.com is the most comprehensive digital marketplace and search engine for expert advice, techniques, and specific recommendations via TV quality webcasts and video interviews, articles, courses, virtual events and more. Through our comprehensive library of thousands of articles, hundreds of hours of live and on-demand video market commentary, expert interviews, best-selling books, MoneyMaster courses, and timely newsletters; sophisticated investors, traders, and advisors turn to MoneyShow.com, every day to stay informed — receiving expert actionable advice to outperform the market.

Creative, High-Impact Digital Marketing Programs

Strengthen the relationship between your brand and your prospects, using our unmatched content to drive business results across digital platforms. Using a unique combination of display, native, and video content across our network, our team will design a campaign that is optimized to deliver your ideal results.

Corporate Landing Page

Create your own company profile on MoneyShow.com and extend the life of your brand 365 days a year. Your logo and content will be on multiple pages on MoneyShow.com, providing readers with exposure to your products and services and the ability to learn from you through content from your custom landing page.

Package Features
  • LEAD GENERATION: Each corporate profile page features a “Request for Information” section so interested investors and traders can contact you for more information. The text is customizable so you can include a promotion, a free offer, or otherwise entice people to contact you.
  • AWARENESS: Advertisers can select up to three PRIMARY keywords to associate with your company. This allows your company to be featured around the Web site via sponsored content modules around keyword content that best aligns with your products and services.
  • EDUCATION: Upload PDFs, video content, white papers, and banner ads on your page linking back to your Web site. Your content will be threaded across MoneyShow.com to increase engagement and traffic to your corporate landing page.

Newsletter Sponsorship

A high-touch, exclusive opportunity to reach a targeted audience. By reaching investors and traders who have subscribed MoneyShow.com’s free investing and trading newsletters, you can be assured of an interested and engaged audience.

Package Features
  • CONTENT ALIGNMENT: Select from MoneyShow’s daily investing (Top Pros’ Top Picks) and trading (Trading Insights) newsletters for content alignment and audience targeting.
  • DISPLAY ADS: 4x monthly banner placement in newsletters to drive direct traffic to your web site. (100% SOV). Average impressions: 28,919 per week (estimated, not guaranteed)
  • SPONSORED ARTICLES: Distribute 2x sponsored articles per month on MoneyShow.com. Placements within keyword channels on MoneyShow.com and distributed within daily newsletters of client’s choice 2x per month.

Special Report Sponsorship

Special reports are a great way to establish subject-matter expertise and thought leadership while generating a high volume of targeted leads. This is an excellent opportunity to repurpose highly desirable, rich content designed to engage and educate investors and traders.

Package Features
  • BRAND VISIBILITY: Sponsors will receive their company logo on cover of the special report, marketing landing page, and all promotional campaigns. Plus, the opportunity to insert (2) full-page color ads inside the special report which can be hyperlinked.
  • DISTRIBUTION: Special reports are promoted in dedicated spotlight emails to 325,000+ MoneyShow.com members, along with weekly banner placements in our daily and weekly newsletters (distribution: 125,000).
  • LANDING PAGE: MoneyShow will design and launch a landing page for the special report to be marketed and direct site visitors who are required to fill in a contact form before downloading.
  • LEAD CAPTURE: Sponsors will receive bi-weekly leads from special report download submissions (custom audience targeting available upon request).

Audience Retargeting

MoneyShow is excited to offer new digital marketing solutions to help clients gain a greater return on their investment by engaging leads immediately after each event to maintain a conversation and accelerate them through the client’s sales funnel. Turnkey, multi-channel digital marketing solutions include ad design services, copywriting, landing-page development, social-media retargeting, email sequences, and a 24/7 reporting dashboard to easily track all marketing analytics and measure ROI.

Package Features
  • LEAD DRIVEN RETARGETING: We leverage your attendee leads to target your hottest prospects and create lookalike audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • VIRTUAL BOOTH RETARGETING: We serve web & mobile ads to attendees who visited your MoneyShow virtual booth as they visit Google’s expansive Search and Display Networks
  • EMAIL MARKETING: We develop a custom email lead nurturing campaign and landing page leveraging your attendee leads to help convert prospects into customers.
  • 24/7 REPORTING DASHBOARD: Our 24/7 reporting dashboard makes it easier than ever for partners to track digital marketing performance, conduct research, calculate ROI, and make strategic decisions.