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Public Companies

Retail shareholders are an important, under-utilized segment in investor relations programs. They are known for holding shares over the long term, even in tough times, and for being supportive of management—all of which helps to lower volatility, boost liquidity, and tip the scales in management’s favor in shareholder contests.

The value of face-to-face meetings as part of an overall retail investor strategy is crucial whether it is with an investor, broker, or analyst. Certainly, attending conferences that are primarily focused on the retail investor allows a company to tell their story directly. The MoneyShow is an excellent example of a conference that is specifically retail investor focused. The event’s dynamic allows for outstanding interactions for the retail investor, as well as offering opportunities for companies to engage (on a very personal level) and communicate their message through various sponsorships and speaking opportunities. Most importantly, The MoneyShow creates a unique environment, which enables the retail investor to develop a personal connection with the company they presently are or potentially will be, investing in.

Ian Selig
Manager of Investor Relations, Safehold Inc.

We have had a great experience with The MoneyShow. We have found that their events provide exposure to a unique audience that we wouldn’t find at other traditionally mining/exploration-oriented conferences or virtual events. Being a new North American gold producer has put us in a position to present the right type of story to an interested audience. Great events and always a great experience.

Adrian O’Brien
Director of Marketing & Communications PureGold Mining

Royal Dutch Shell participates in the MoneyShow because it is the largest venue to reach out to retail investors who take an active role in making their investment decisions and it also allows our investors the opportunity to talk one on one with our investor relations department.

Royal Dutch Shell

The MoneyShow does an excellent job of introducing Delta 9, a Canadian Cannabis company to US investors. We have presented at many MoneyShow (live and virtual) conferences over the years and were pleased with the audience turnout for our presentation and engagement.

Delta 9 Cannabis

Alternative Investments

Our highly affluent audience is very sophisticated and looking for opportunities that could amplify their investment returns. They are comfortable with taking risks with a percentage of their portfolio and are actively looking for non-traditional investment ideas.

We had an amazing experience with MoneyShow's Virtual Event! The event has provided Kineta, Inc. with several investments within a month of the event and dozens of new highly qualified investor leads. We look forward to working with the MoneyShow team in the future.

Kenneth R. North
SVP, Corporate Development, Kineta, Inc.

Thank you for the success that MoneyShow Virtual has provided Auto Parking Vault. We have raised $1.325M through the two virtual conferences that we participated in. Because of this quick success, I am now oversubscribed by $3.6M.

Cole McDowel
CEO, Auto Parking Vault

Wealth Management

An excellent way to meet new potential clients, increase assets under management and position your firm as a thought leader in the financial industry. You can meet eager market enthusiasts who appreciate the value and variety of knowledge you can provide to help them achieve their financial goals.

MoneyShow is a great way to reach an audience of sophisticated investors around the country. I have done  both virtual and in-person presentations and there are always great questions and interaction, which in the end, makes us better portfolio managers going forward.

John R. Mousseau
CFA President, CEO & Director of Fixed Income at Cumberland Advisors

The Money Show has been an excellent way to meet new potential clients. In fact, many have turned into clients over the years. The audience is eager, friendly, and very appreciative of the variety of information they receive from us at Watt Carmichael, and other participants. Each show brings more and more success. 

Susan Mallin
CFP, CIM Financial Planner, Associate Portfolio Manager, Watt Carmichael Private Counsel

Discount Online Brokers

With commissions now at zero, it’s all about keeping and expanding your market share. The top discount and online brokers partner with MoneyShow to drive new accounts acquisition through the ability to provide product demos (both virtually and in-person) to thousands of active investors and traders. Our industry-leading conferences and virtual events serve as the best customer-retention tool for brokerage firms to showcase the latest tools and innovations on their platforms to increase new funded accounts. 

MoneyShow's content and events are incredible catalysts that empower individuals to become self-directed investors. Kim Githler is a true leader in this space, connecting smart, engaged investors with powerful content. 

Tom Sosnoff
Founder and Co-CEO, tastytrade

Stock Exchanges

If you want to create awareness and education around a new product launch or index, there’s no better partner to do it than at MoneyShow’s live events where scores of the most active and engaged market participants gather and interact with each other.

CME has been partnering with MoneyShow for the past 20 years, throughout this entire time we have had tremendous success utilizing their live and online events to connect with the trading community. From launching new products to educating traders on how they can access CME’s diverse derivative markets, MoneyShow’s omnichannel platform has provided the CME with a tremendous opportunity to increase exposure for its products, generate qualified leads, and build new industry partnerships.

Mark Omens
Executive Director, Retail Sales at CME Group

Working with the MoneyShow team has been an incredibly valuable experience from start to finish. They have been a great partner in helping us educate investors on a wide variety of financial topics. The team has been responsive, insightful and a pleasure to work with.

Elizabeth Coogan
Marketing Specialist at Nasdaq

Financial Media & Newsletter Publishers

The very basis for MoneyShow’s existence is to deliver truly elite-caliber advice, actionable recommendations, and new ideas from world-class money experts. So, there’s no better forum to showcase your financial content than before this highly targeted audience.

It's been such a pleasure collaborating with the MoneyShow team! They are fantastic partners, working to understand our business and helping us to use the MoneyShow events to build relationships with our current and prospective customers. We look forward to many more successful events together! 


The MoneyShow is a smorgasbord of wonderful portfolio managers. It gives investors access to some of the best minds in the United States. 


The MoneyShow is a must-attend event for individual investors looking for expert advice. 

Forbes Media

People come to The Money Show for advice. Specific advice. Simple advice. Immediate advice. And…they get it…a wealth of wise investment counsel. 


Day Trading Tools

Trading is a dynamic enterprise. That’s why active traders are always looking to improve their systems, strategies, and technology, so they can maintain their edge in the markets. Demonstrate your latest software innovation, highlight your tried-and-true system, and keep your existing client base informed to help them stay on the fast track to trading success.

“We are honored to be a part of The MoneyShow Virtual conference and have been very successful with them, generating over $34,000 in sales. It has had a very positive impact on our business. MoneyShow always organizes top-notch events and has done a great job adapting to the recent pandemic by providing high-quality online education to its attendees.

Jeff Tompkins
President & Chief Investment Strategist, Altos Trading

ETFs and Mutual Funds

Despite the fact that most Americans own ETFs or mutual funds in their 401(k)s or IRAs, it’s hard to stand out from the tens of thousands of other funds available in the US today. So, if you’re a newly launched fund, have recently retooled your investment strategy, or recently hired a new portfolio manager, it pays to highlight your fund before MoneyShow’s highly engaged audience.

Horizons ETFs has been a partner of The MoneyShow for several years. During that time, this preeminent investment conference has enhanced our investor education initiatives, increased our brand’s awareness, and helped grow our overall business. 

Tammy Cash
EVP Marketing, Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc.

Associations & Non-Profit Organizations

If you want to grow your membership or donor base, MoneyShow can help you achieve your goals by providing you with an audience with diverse interests, as well as philanthropic propensity and capacity. Whether you’re focused on raising awareness for your cause or long-term legacy gifts, you’re sure to find a receptive audience at MoneyShow.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas market provides investors the opportunity to boost their portfolios and significantly lower their tax burden by acquiring valuable energy assets. For companies looking to finance upcoming drilling projects or raise capital, MoneyShow provides one of the best platforms across North America to achieve your business objectives.

The MoneyShow has connected G2 Petroleum to the largest group of sophisticated high-net-worth investors in the country, both face-to-face and online. The team’s personal touch and attention to detail is unsurpassed. They ensure that G2 has the best exposure possible in order to connect with The MoneyShow’s investor audience.”

Cotton Graham
Founder and President of G2 Petroleum

Education & Coaching

Sophisticated investors and active traders recognize that knowledge is the cornerstone of success in the markets. You can help them in their quest by teaching them the sound strategies, reliable set-ups, and in-depth know-how they can use to identify and capitalize on opportunities that arise.

We have partnered with MoneyShow for several digital lead generation campaigns and quickly saw success with their audience. They are now one of our best resources for investor and trader leads and we continue to grow the relationship through new opportunities they provide beyond just lead generation solutions. 

Katie Schaeffer
Chief Operating Officer at Schaeffer's Investment Research

I have attended The MoneyShow as both a speaker and an exhibitor. The organization of the event by The MoneyShow team is a stellar experience, as attendance at my presentations was impressive and flow in the exhibit hall was constant yet not overbearing. The quality of the attendees was perfect for companies looking to gain exposure to serious investors as well as providing outstanding information for attendees looking to elevate their investing knowledge. The event was a win-win for all and I highly recommend this event to investors and exhibitors.

Dr. Alan Ellman
President of The Blue Collar Investor Corp.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the MoneyShow team. Our company, Big Picture Trading, was on the verge of going 100% online with our marketing strategy until the MoneyShow team approached us with several ideas to help promote our business at their Toronto event. As a result, Big Picture Trading has seen a tremendous ROI through a partnership with MoneyShow and look forward to attending many more events. 

Patrick Ceresna
Founder and Chief Derivative Market Strategist, Big Picture Trading

We at Elliott Wave International always appreciate the opportunity to interact with the MoneyShow’s attendees and the Virtual Expo Platform now makes that easier than ever. I look forward to my next opportunity to address a MoneyShow audience. 

Mark Galasiewski
Chief Equity Analyst for Asia and Emerging Markets at Elliott Wave International

Pre-IPO Companies

If your company is trying to raise capital, look no further. We have the largest and most qualified group of ultra-sophisticated, ultra-affluent investors to provide you with the best opportunity to tell your story, collect leads, and fulfill your equity financing needs.