LEARN The MoneyShow is guided by the belief that “knowledge is power.” Like any other type of education, learning about investing is not something with a beginning and an end. Immerse yourself in 100+ free workshops and panels that explore relevant topics on how markets are changing and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

DISCOVER Everyone, even the experts, come to The MoneyShow eager to learn, to share, and to profit. The person you sit next to in class, or talk with at lunch, or bump into in the hallway may well be that one person who turned you on to your next great investment.

ENGAGE Some of the world’s best investors will be attending and speaking at The MoneyShow Las Vegas. Attend expert-led discussions and presentations where you can ask questions of the experts and learn new investing strategies that will help you master any market!

NETWORK The opportunity to talk shop with so many investors from different backgrounds is invaluable. Take advantage of the gatherings in the Exhibit Hall, impromptu discussions in the hallways, chat with the person sitting next to you in the sessions, and your experience at The MoneyShow Las Vegas will be a richer one.