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About MoneyShow

For decades MoneyShow has maintained market dominance in connecting investors and traders with world-class financial experts. The very basis for MoneyShow’s existence is to deliver to this targeted audience truly elite-caliber advice, actionable recommendations, ideas, and strategies from hundreds of knowledgeable, experienced experts.

These powerful experts are best-selling authors, market analysts, portfolio managers, award-winning financial journalists, and newsletter editors. With constant network expansion, we continue to create broader distribution of our expert commentary through virtual events, face-toface forums, social media, and yes, in-depth courses that educate and guide qualified investors and traders to outperform the market.

MoneyShow has a long history of creating successful investors and traders. We pride ourselves on partnering with the best-in-class financial media, like Barron’s, MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance, and Forbes. Our network features products and services from NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, Merrill, iShares by BlackRock, BMO, and TD Ameritrade.

With MoneyShow’s interactive environment, our audience of over one million passionate investors and traders are offered a unique format of live, interactive exchange, which generates unparalleled experience for both the expert and the investor and trader. Each session energizes, empowers, and educates everyone who participates. The opportunity for learning and profit within this highly charged atmosphere draws hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts, year after year.


40 Years of Investor Education 

MoneyShow began in the late ’80s in a world where, more than ever, individuals wanted to take control of their money, but access to quality education and research was minimal. We understood the need for independence and reliance on self rather than an institution (Wall Street) would always remain at the company’s heart and fundamental to our vision.

While many critics expressed doubts that individuals stood any chance in succeeding, with big institutions controlling the market, we believed that with the right education and tools, most individual investors can become effective managers of their assets.

Today, we are proud to say that MoneyShow has educated over five million investors and continues to provide unparalleled opportunities for profitable interactivity and learning throughout our network. Our long history of creating successful investors can be credited to many strategic advantages, but our roster of world-class experts is most notable. Our mission is to provide direct access to world-class financial experts, so investors and traders can learn valuable knowledge, trends, and specific recommendations from some of the smartest minds on Wall Street.

MoneyShow’s Strategic Advantage

MoneyShow connects mutually interested, motivated, and highly qualified investors and traders, offering them unparalleled opportunities for profitable interactivity and learning from over 1,000 experts representing the smartest, most highly regarded minds in the investment world. 

  • Timely Unbiased Education: Our community receives independent recommendations and strategies from leading experts in a marketplace where this advice can be acted upon immediately to create stronger portfolio performance.
  • Compare Products & Services: Both in-person and online, investors have the opportunity to test-drive and demo hundreds of the top financial product and service solutions available in the marketplace, many of which are debuted for the first time at our industry-leading events. 
  • Global Database: Through deep-rooted relationships with the world’s foremost financial media companies, world-class speakers, and leading product/service providers, MoneyShow has built a global database of 1.2 million investors and traders by targeting niche-market databases across the financial service ecosystem. 
  • Expert Advice: Being a part of the MoneyShow speaker roster brings the “best in the business” tremendous exposure in a vertical financial channel. Experts appreciate sharing their strategic views with a highly qualified audience in live forums where interaction generates stimulating learning experiences for them as well as their business. 

MoneyShow by the Numbers



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